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How is a Tire Retread Done?

As the demand for truck tire retreads has grown, Smith Tire and Tread in Wahpeton has become the driver-trusted source for expert tire retreading in the Great Plains region. We are the only authorized Goodyear truck tire recapper in North Dakota, and in addition to driver-trusted retreads, we offer top-quality truck tire mounting and computerized balancing. Our proven tire retread process includes:   

1. Initial tire inspection.

Our highly-qualified technicians carefully inspect your old tire’s casing and integrity to ensure your driving safety and performance once the retread is finished.

2. Tire buffing.

After passing inspection, your tire is put through a buffing process that removes the old tread and exposes the casing. Upon this freshly-buffed surface will go the new tread material for like-new durability, ride stability and handling.

3. Tread building.

Next, once the casing is prepared for building, we use proven Goodyear processes and treads (including Goodyear Unicircle) to build a tread that performs like a new tire.

4. Final inspection.

No tires leave our retread facility until they are stringently tested for optimal safety and performance. Finished retreads are individually inspected for defects and inflation tested to 105 PSI for your safety and piece of mind.

We Also Buy and Sell Tire Casings

When done properly, tire retreads can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of hard-earned dollars every year over buying new. To learn more about our road-tested tire recapping services, or to schedule an appointment for your truck, call us today at: (701) 642-8950!


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